Chichi Memorial

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Chichi Memorial

Chichi Memorial


장윤규, 신창훈, 김우일(협동원)

Chichi Memorial

Site as monument_Defining Monumentality
Our first attempt to define the concept of the Chichi Memorial is to see the whole site as one piece of monument. Instead of positioning the object at a certain spot, we try to find a way to disclose the dormant monumentality in the site. This way, every piece of the site becomes the subject of monumentality including the underground part of it. What makes us to see the site as a monument itself, is the fact that memories of exclamation is melted inside the ground.

This project starts from the notion of monumentality and the understanding of the historical and sociological background of the project. Based on a critical approach to the monumentality, this project also includes open-ended narratives and implicit suggestion.

First, it deals with the three notions of monumentality to establish the conceptual premise.
1_Monumentality is defined by what is remained at present, what remind the trace of the past, and especially what has to be achieved in the future.
2_Monumentality is based on the memory shared by person and group of people. This research is focused on the shift from the personal memory to the memory of group.
3_Monumentality is accompanied by the demand of continuous transition to be remembered in time.

Secondly, while the existing monumental space emphasizes significance of the message, it is focused on the response of the messages from the monumental space itself.

Thirdly, the context of Chichi 921 vaguely written in the site is transformed into the design elements and spatial concepts. It is also implied in design senario, circulation system plan, land use plan, and master plan.


Jang Yoon Gyoo, Shin Chang Hoon, Kim Woo Il(協同園)