Busan Tower Complex

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Busan Tower Complex

부산 타워
국제 아이디어 공모전

Busan Tower Complex
International Idea Competition

Interactive Scape Map - Section of Wave
As city and its society cannot be described as singular organization and code, observatory building programs requires varieties. The frame work for variety is created by architectural system that has multi-layered structure, as interactive structure. A strategy is to formed New Busan Tower by inserting interactive map into observatory. The experience is not made partly or immediately, but with vertical and horizontal continuity by applying the concept of interactive plates. In here, interactive structure has meaning of 'Trans-Programming', 'Trans-Space' and 'Trans-Structure' by Symbolic Wave Cross Map. Map of interactive-scape, which is drafted from the compounding skin, is also the map that represents symbolical appearance the Sea Wave, DNA and Dragon movement. It is also a representation that describes the connection of the city, human, media, information and digital future.

Interactive Plates Landscape for Yongdu Hill Park
In master plan concept, interactive plates concept will apply and make interactive landscape plates with exhibition hall, monuments, dragon tower, wefare hall, and parking etc. Interactive Landscape Plate bands is about displaying the program that generates from functional and urban contextual reaction, within Yongdu hill park. Band of interactive plate was formed by applying the concept of, firstly, layer that are programmed with natural and environmental thoughts derived from site, and secondly, memorial information layers that provides urban park needs such as resting, memory, visibility, approach, identification and information.