KTNG Culture Complex

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KTNG Culture Complex

KTNG Culture Complex


장윤규, 신창훈


경기도 수원시 팔달구


7,504.30 m²


3,945.66 m²


28,934.62 m²


철근 강화 콘크리트조

KTNG Culture Complex
Competition Winner

Flying City
Imagine a flying city free from the ground. This floating city is an urban hovering in the air saturated with freshness, The youth mesmerized with this imaginative spirit nurture new fantasies, Numerous cityscapes are clustered together layer after layer and from the flying city of vast commercial and cultural space. This gravity-free zone rearranges streets, plazas, forest, shops, amusement park, and park. It is a city of imagination that is free from the earth.

Theatrical Space as a multicultural space, the flying city will actively help young people to perform leading roles in expanding stage volume. The theatrical spaces, the trademark of the flying city, serves as a cultural center that can provide various imaginative resources by building events such as shopping, game, entertainment, multimedia, education, clinic, and community activities.

Moving street_The maximum employment of the commercial belt on the horizontal streets allows the building to host three dimensional spaces where various programs can be easily applied, The contents of this spaces are to be composed of experimental works with young spirit. Therefore, the space will function as a festive venue for youngsters.

Imaginative Atrium_The imaginative atrium provides infinite resources of information. The imaginary wall installed within the atrium serves as a canvas for better communication with the youth. Information about shops and events are to be posted.

Program interactive_The flying city was not designed to serve one purpose, An interacting program like the one+one strategy generates shopping space+park, and shopping space+stage plaza formula. The crossover between artistic completeness and commercial programs spawns a strong synergy effect. while going through the imaginative atrium and the inner garden, various commercial programs earn authentity from the synergy effect. A space the deserves a visit is the direction of the multicultural space. So, being interactive is a key to the success.

Cubistic Landscape_This space is a hybrid of architecture and landscape design. In other words, the cubistic landscape means various experimental architectural programs that meet elements of landscape design such as green lands, information, lights, and events. The plaza at the facade leads its way to a deck in the building and composes a podium on the cubistic ground which links the space form 1st to 3rd floor. On this cubistic landscape there will be community stage and outdoor screen. The floating landscape that penetrates a part of the whole building provides an exotic rooftop garden where you can enjoy sports and rest.

Landmark-Light Sculpture the basic structure of the imaginative box is a mixture of various young imaginative elements. It not only symbolizes liberal spirits of the youth, but also serves as a landmark for young community that can deliver information through the programmed lights.


Jang Yoon Gyoo, Shin Chang Hoon


Paldal-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do

Site Area

7,504.30 m²

Building Area

3,945.66 m²

Total Floor Area

28,934.62 m²


RC Structure