Head Office of Hyunjin Evervill

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Head Office of Hyunjin Evervill

에버빌 분당 사옥
현상설계 당선작

Head Office of Hyunjin Evervill
The winner of competition

Brand Space_The head office must accomplish enough for publicity of the enterprise and a role with office. Specially to be recognized the brand image of the enterprise which is evervill to the consuming public can decide directly role as future of the enterprise. This head office building will be settled down with the brand icon which substitute for evervill from in the city.

Eco Office_There constructs office space of evervill for work, relaxation, and recharging at the boundary. In this way fabricated skin will provided the space of various program which is evaded from office facility. The program of echo office space came to be planned for conference room, consultation room, rest room, public information room, executive room, and private affair room centering around the office program by the selection of the different materials. It to be formed the icon of the program which is discriminated outside and inside.

Compound Frame_The element of outside skin constructed in simple one circular proto-type. Although these elements are created by the compound frame which is fundamental tool to make skin. Also outside skin related with the inside and it constructs inside space from compound frame inside. Compound frame of evervill will be taken another look with new city icon in the urban center.