Shanghi EXPO 2010

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Shanghi EXPO 2010

상해 엑스포 2010


장윤규, 신창훈

Shanghai Expo 2010

Green Imagination
We imagine Korean Corporate Pavilion coinciding with the subjects; Green city and Green life. It is named Communi-Imagination and it holds introspection of environment together with innovation of technology. Korea got over the unfortunate situation of the Korean War which didn't seem to be possible and has achieved unimaginable development and innovation. This space represents technology and spirit of Korean enterprises which is the main agent of these accomplishments. The spirit and the technology of 12 Korean enterprises which are developing towards higher-tech such as information technology, distribution, aviation, electronic, vehicle, chemistry and shipbuilding are represented in the architecture by diverse exhibitions and videos. This recordable scale of expo is held in China which is the biggest market in the world. We hope to promote advanced Korean technology and brand, and re-establish a new relationship for economy and cultural exchange between Korea and China. We hope to promote new competitiveness of Korean enterprises with new awareness of nature and Korean high-technology. In conclusion, Environmental Communi-Imagination connects Asia to the world and suggests a new vision.


Jang Yoon Gyoo, Shin Chang Hoon