White Cube Matrix : Paju Kindergarten

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White Cube Matrix : Paju Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a space that children create their dreams and imagination. Children bear unpredictable potential alike plain paper. Aggregation of growing cells generate uncompleted spatial expand without defining rigid form and space on architect’s own initiative. In other words, white cube, the prime unit consisting of the classroom, are three-dimensionally stacked and complete whole body of kindergarten. These cubic cells aim to content the attribute of dematerialized space that material feature and morphological completion are eliminated.

Also, the white cube matrix constitutes abstractness composed of human, nature, culture, art, substance and spirituality. The cells of potential would be filled with various media that represents children’s imagination such as drawing and doodle with the elapse of time.

Basic cells starts from the classroom and terminally transform into varied outdoor space such as the courtyard with void and sky, terrace and outdoor play ground, they are formed the space of penetration and combination similare to junglegym. In particular, roofless cube for avoiding certain shape of building is annexed in order to encourage the children to find open scenery towards sky and imagination. And, transparent glass cube compositing flow of main circulation is designed as “their sweet orange tree” which they reveal the imagination of growing together, feeling vitality of nature. The matrix is not limited as a observed subject, whereas it provides frames where the scenery is experience d between them. While they are walking across the matrix, they would imagine endless life of nature through stacked frames of scenery. Pixel windows are small frame to depict stars at night and journey of light in the day.


Jang Yoon Gyoo + Seo Hyeon


Choi Young Chul, Kim Mi Jung, Koh Eun Jin, Yoon Ji Soo


525-4 Muoonbal-dong Paju Gyeonggi-do Republic of Korea

Site Area


Building Area


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Reinforced Concrete