파주2출판단지 전시회
C3_코롱 친환경 주택, 워터 뮤지엄, 여수 엑스포, 성동 문화예술회관
REVIEW_워터뮤지엄, 샘표 조형물
100XN Architectural Shape and Skin 2_SK Networks Daechi-dong Office bldg. / China
Fashion for Architecture_Kring Culture Complex / China
Oct. Devine Pearl_Hyundai Motors Pavilion / Egypt
Sep. Império Villas & Golfe_Hyundai Motors Pavilion / Europe
Dec. 동아일보_아파트의 변신 Season2 '단독주거들의 집합체'
Taschen_Green Architecture Now 2
Apr. Azure_The 150+ Best products and services for going green / Canada
Apr. Construir_Vitrine verde 'E+green home' / Brazil
Apr. Mark_Unsangdong Architects folds a house / The Netherlands
Apr. Dwell_Light & Energy Off the Grid 'E+ for effort' / USA
Space_Rooftecture Energy green home /Malaysia
Dec. Rum_Provo Framtiden 'E+green home' / Sweden
Dec. Architektur_'Kring' Showroom and Multipurpose hall / Austria
Feb. Diseno Interior_Kring, Comlejo Cultural En Seul / Spain
Feb. Interni_Grocce di vetro sulla citta / Itaila
Jan. Mark_Promoting Harmony 'Kring' / The Netherlands
Sep. 동아일보_파격은 계속된다(9/10)/ Korea
Sep. La Vie_Young & Talented Asian Architects 16+ / Taiwan
Sep. The Architectural Review_View / UK
Aug./Sep. C3_Yoongyoo Jang + Changhoon Shin + Unsangdong Architects / Korea
Jul. 조선일보_예술같은 건물…건물같은 예술(7/4)/ Korea
May 서울경제_물결무늬 건물 외벽 마치 '도심 속 캔버스'(5/7)/ Korea
AV vol.120 Emergentes_Twenty countries, Twenty studios / Spain
SUMAU vol.032 Gallery Yeh, Life & Power Press / Japan
Space no.083 Korea Nation of Arts and Innovation / China
Dec. The Architectural Review_Emerging Architecture / UK
Oct. DB Deutsche Bauzeitung_Gallery Yeh in Seoul / The Netherlands
Architectural Record_Vanguard Award / USA
C3 no. 257 건축과 환경_장윤규+운생동 / Korea
Space_공간 vol. 438_Architect Jang Yoongyoo / Korea
Space_공간 vol. 422_건축가 장윤규 Commune by the Great Wall / Korea