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Ocean Imagination(Yeosu Expo 2012)


Ocean Imagination

Green and Imagination Compounds
Our emphasis is that by combining Green(Nature) and Imagination, we would make the best use of infinite possibility of nature. Having decided to show the exhibition space in a subtle way, we took rather unique way. We link the place, architecture and exhibition. We consider ‘Ocean Eco Compounds’ to realize the main theme of this exposition which consists of marine technology, architecture engineering, civil engineering, information technology and so on. We allow visitors experience ecosystem of the ocean and every kind of experience or exhibit which is related with the man-made nature in the Main exhibition area.


Blue Economy
It goes without saying that the environment is in crisis as new technologies change our society. Cost-driven society which is the crux of capitalism causes serious ramifications namely global warming, exhaustion of natural resources. What’s more, it would be a daunting prospect if we overlook the expansion of big cities because it consumes lots of dwelling spaces, infrastructures and food. In the end, it threatens ecosystem. It is called for to picture of our future life through speculating about environment. ‘Landscape-Architecture’ i.e. architecture which is linked closely with landscape or ‘Ecological-Architecture’ are of far more importance. It is straight forward that we need to channel more support to sustainable structure when it comes to building up a new synthesis of architecture and nature.


Ocean Gate_Vertical Landmark
To build up of the theme of this project : the Living Ocean and Coast, we propose a ‘Big Ocean Gate’ which appears to play a key role as an information hub in the area. ‘Ocean Gate’, the notion shows lives and cultures on the sea shore vertically. It becomes a vertical gate which combines ocean ecosystem and architecture in accordance with the main theme of this project, ‘Ocean & Life’. Visitors would enjoy a host of ocean related experience through ‘Eco-void’ in this vertical landmark. Our strategy is to give a message and vision of this exposition to the public constantly.


Core Attraction_Blue Eco-Polis
We set a place for festival of human being, ocean and technology. We set up a path for pedestrian which is extension of breakwater. It will take a role as a sort of a gallery which shows ocean exhibits in the Ocean exposition(Big O). Nonetheless, water was originally used as a horizontal component, Ocean Gate is cutting edge architecture which is vertical transformation of water. ‘Big O’, as core attractions for visitors, is connected with other exhibition facilities. There will be ‘Eco-void space’ on the extension of main hallway of exhibition area. In accordance with the changes and event of the eco-void space, visitors would be able to understand the main theme of this exposition.


Ocean Void Space_Organism of Scenery
‘Sustainable Ocean void space’ is formed from combination of flowing water and ecological environment. We assume that there might be a limit if we persist to put the rooms for exhibition only inside the building. To curb this problem, we decided to use outer space as a part of exhibition space. Those carries out different kinds of event such as Water-Valley, Media-Valley, Play-Valley, Green-Valley and so on. In the main exhibition space, we categorized it by four seasons of Korea. The scenery is surprisingly diverse in Korean landscape according to the seasons. We define it as an ‘Organism of Scenery’. In spring, flowers bloom everywhere. In summer, the scenery contains dramatic waterfalls and thick forests. In fall, the leaves on the trees turn yellow. In winter, a blanket of snow lay on the ground like a black and white drawing of traditional Korean painting. Combination of panoramic vistas creates an original architecture like Korean paintings. It would accommodate a host of program as they mirror the characteristic of nature and lead us forward into a new era. Form of the organism becomes an organic system which changes flexibly as time passes by.

Yeosu, Republic of Korea
Yoongyoo Jang, Changhoon Shin
John T. Yoder
Pavilion, Styling, Exhibition
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