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Sinnae Compact City

New Possibility of Urban Public Housing

Sinnae Compact City

Potential of Urban Edge

“Creativity is the ability to connect”

Connection between people / subjects and companies is the key to creativity.

Through the connection and convergence between nature and city, people and technology, and culture, we will propose a new approach and solution for three-dimensional and compact city and architecture based on the creation of shared-sized city, re-creation of city value, and restoration of local community of new paradigm.

Sinnae Compact City proposes a complex imaginary city that contains Seoul’s new future blueprint through the multi-level conception of city, architecture and program, rather than solving the limits of urban densification through the existing urban planning procedures and implementation methods. The key objective of Sinnae Compact City is to present a new role model that realize new multi-family housing supply for young people and newlyweds, the introduction of job-housing proximity concept, city to restore interregional disconnection by railroad, implementation of living SOC program that coexists with the Jungnang-gu area, win-win sustainable city as a boundary between urban development area and natural environment, cyclical self-sufficient city of education, culture, production and consumption.

Sinnae compact city should be a base of Jungnang-gu self-sufficient city. The main concept of a self-sufficient city is not the point of view of space and form. In order to be a base space, first of all it is necessary to heal the weaknesses of place in land and to consider local economic, natural environment, cultural stronghold space, and cooperation programs. First, we propose a macro master plan system, and set up a mega system to accommodate various programs on the site.

Sinnae-dong, Jungnang-gu, Seoul
Seoul City
Creative Director
Jang Yonn Gyoo, Shin Chang Hoon
Modular Apartment , SOC
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