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Dongjak-gu Comprehensive Administration Town


Dongjak-gu Comprehensive Administration Town

Agora of Commons 

Archipelago-type Government Building

The architecture that was segmented by reflecting the context makes a cluster with the small yards and forms multiple places, and this provided an identity unique to Dongjak-gu Comprehensive Administration Town. The architecture that is open to the city opens the surrounding landscape, and simultaneously vitalizes the various roads that are linked to the surrounding spaces.

The new face and open yard of Dongjak-gu Office

The new face and open yard of Dongjak-gu Office is faced on the road from Sangdo-dong to Noryangjin-dong. This place is a relaxation space open to all, as well as the entry space of Dongjak-gu Office. Here, one can meet other people, take a break while walking by, and it can also become the way to school.

365 Street

365 Street is a specialized street for walking on Jangseungbaegi-ro 10-gil. The brilliant vitality of Yeongdo Market is newly contained here and reborn as 365 Street, Dongjak-gu’s famous attraction.

Forest of Dongjak

The botanical garden is faced from the central space of Dongjak-gu Office. In an era where wisdom is required more than knowledge, the Forest of Dongjak, where the experiences and knowledge of citizens are accumulated and relaxation as well as inspiration and wisdom are shared, is a complex and meaningful healing space.

Dongjak-gu, Seoul
Creative Director
Jang Yoon Gyoo, Shin Chang Hoon
Offices, Public, Cultural
Design / First Prize
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