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Crystal Mountain

We suggest The Hill Gallery, a community facility in the housing district at Hannam-dong, by replacing the neighborhood facility to the topography. The neighborhood facility is considered a subordinate architecture which doesn’t care much about its design. Our aim is to restore the role of this subordinate building as the local community program.

In the process of composing a large scale housing block, severance of nature which happened as a result of topographic destruction is reverted using a new topographic map. It acts like an artificial mountain connecting nature and the urban. The shape of the site is converted to an abstract skin consisted of a triangular pattern. It becomes the landscape and a land mark as a light mountain. The frame of the site rising along the slope accommodates festivals and events. A half transparent skin is suggested which changes according to the change of the inner programs and the functions. Leaning skin and the outdoor frame consist of the dynamic lighting mountain. The landscape, locating partial void including an eco deck, is a green space in the artificial mountain. It also plays a role of a gate and a link between the city and housing. As an urban connection approaching the city, it provides cultural space for example, a cultural vision deck, recording the memory of Hannam housing and being the observatory for the community.

The artificial skin system holding various architectural programs holds an environmental system which acts differently with various architectural functions and program change. The artificial mountain adopts many eco friendly systems. The light condition is managed by the double skinned roof, and the void on the roof for the natural wind path helps air conditioning. The alternative energy is collected by solar louver, and rain drops are saved for the water space. The landscape system uses the outdoor deck and the retail gallery accommodates various events. The eco roof provides resting and events and the void space with the stage, the forest and the garden provide an eco friendly environment to the residences.

Seoul, Republic of Korea
Kim Sang Woon_Hansjaram Corporation
Creative Director
Jang Yoon Gyoo, Shin Chang Hoon, Kim Kyeong Tae
Exhibition, Mixed Use
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