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Guggeheim Helsinki


Art Stage with Island Silhouette, Guggenheim in Helsinki

Contemporary art museums today are in demand for more flexibilities that openly accept and work with paradigm shifts of fast-changing society. While the art museum has started from the concept of ‘storing’ and ‘search’ the art works for the nobles, the modernization of art museums have been evolved more for the public in a democratic way. The function of contemporary art museum, consequently, need to act more as the generator for consuming arts and experiencing imaginary future. As the compounds of humanities and science, it needs to deviate from merely collecting and exhibiting art pieces. New art museum of the twenty-first century could potentially create new city model combining different programs of art exhibitions and community activities, serving as an agent changing urban landscape.

We propose the art museum of Guggenheim Helsinki as easily accessible “City Stage” and “Art Stage” across city, art and nature providing diverse kinds of experiences such as exhibition, performance, education, walking and resting, seeking aggressive openness for its public role in creating new imagination. A multi-cultural complex and remarkably open for the public, “The stage” towards both water and city sides has metaphors of huge lobby of Helsinki and island silhouette of the land of Finland.

City Stage for Cultural Network
The given site of Guggenheim Helsinki is isolated from the city area by the main North-South road, which naturally seeks the position of the art museum to play a role in connecting the waterfront and Tahititornin vuori Park in the Southwest side. The concept of “City Stage” along with giant, open and multipurpose void enables the art museum exhibit the broad range of art works and interact with citizen like the city hall.

City network “City Stage” act as a urban plaza linking city and cultural facilities through pedestrian accesses in multiple ways.
nature network We design green networks composed of open-air exhibition spaces, parks, water garden and promenades with the huge and multi-layered hollow of “City Stage” for the public.
art network “City Stage” provides networking system which enables people touch, enjoy and appreciate art pieces deeply and strongly.

Negative Excavation with Island Silhouette
Our strategy to make new art space for twenty-first century is to form a negative mass. This is the way to excavate innate programmatic volumes, starting from pure geometry and finally forming different artistic programs, literally speaking, similar to excavating Finnish space for Guggenheim Helsinki from a piece of enormous iceberg. The multipurpose hollow plaza is uncovered by excavating different forms with three-dimensional vaults representing the silhouette of Finnish islands. Multi-layered vaults allow different parcels of art spaces as well as a gigantic urban plaza, serving as the key structure connecting spaces for permanent and temporary art collections up and down interactively.

Multi-purpose and Imaginative Stage toward city and sea
The art needs to be open, divergent and be shared among the public, not just confined in small gallery places. The contemporary art museum can contribute to improving the sense of art, culture and creativity for people with new system integrated with city structures and natural environments not just one perfectly enclosed art center. The hugely open and imaginative stage enables residents and visitors experience various series of exhibitions and events across from water to inner city and vice versa.

Interactive Universal Space
While the art pieces are exhibited in rigid and white cube spaces in the past, new contemporary art museum demands for more dynamic and flexible spaces to show multi-scale and striking concept of art works. Our proposal of continuously connected exhibition halls have no clearly defined borders among different kinds of small exhibition parcels by creating flexible and diverse spatial experiences of art spaces and social activities. The stage ceiling with vault structures can create a magnificent “Art Stage” containing the wide range of art programs interactively.  We present universal art space allowing small split exhibition realms but integrated by interactive and flowing spatial elements.

Helsinki, Finland
Guggeheim Museum
Creative Director
Yoongyoo Jang, Changhoon Shin
Museum, Exhibition, Styling
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