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Living facility

Heyri, Chronotope Wall

Living facility

Heyri, Chronotope Wall

The formation of a city in which various architectural types, materials, and forms are constructed is both a strength and a weakness of Heyri Village. It failed to create any order in the province and became a city freely composed of diversity. Instead of creating another complexity in a complex city, we tried to construct an architectural space through the wall, the most basic architectural vocabulary. The walls of the past are classical by structural limitations and have limitations that block spatial communication. By transforming these past walls, we try to create experiences and situations that have been changed by the chronotope setting.

Chronotope can be a method of integrating space and time through the fusion of several indicators and the intersection of axes. It is used to explore the possibility of a wall through a new definition in a way that resists formal theorization and systematization by questioning the architectural essence of an existing wall. The architecturally borrowed wall is not used as a structure of severance and division, but it is used as a frame of opposite attitudes such as integration and continuity, simultaneous space, and continuous time.

We propose a nature penetrated architecture by inserting outside space between 13 walls. A garden space surrounded by a wall, a semi-outer terrace area, and a roof terrace is configured for enjoyment of the outside. In particular, the rooftop has an open landscape structure that penetrates the entire wall. It becomes an open roof garden where people can freely occupy and enjoy the space between walls.

60, Heyrimaeul-gil, Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Creative Director
YoonGyu Jang, ChangHoon Shin
Living facility
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