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Hi Seoul Festival Stage Sculpture


Palace pf May_Thousand Palace

Urban Connecting Sculpture
‘Palace of May’ comes into being a symbolic sculpture of ‘Hi Seoul Festival 2009’ in the heart of Seoul, Seoul Plaza. There will be not merely the opening ceremony but also various kinds of event namely Palsekmudohe(the eight coloured banquet i.e. A Korean traditional ball). Last year, the theme of the festival was ‘Digital Palace’ which represents the state of the art IT technology of Seoul. This year, its theme is sustainable and futuristic Seoul by dealing with interchanging between environment, human being and technology. World-class Artist, Ahn Eun Mi is the Director. Jang Yoon Gyoo who is one of the leading architects in Korea was designated as the Design Director.

‘Palace of May_Cheon Goong’ is not only a gigantic environmental and urban sculpture but also a landmark of this festival. It consists of 60 pieces of fabric. The maximum length of it is about 200-metre-long. They connects City hall, buildings around the plaza. The scheme is motivated by the concept of Korean traditional sunshade of the Palace, ‘Yong Bong Cha Il’. It means that all the citizens have to be treated like the King and the Queen. This type of sunshade was quite special in bygone days. Even a loyal subject was not allowed to use this and was sentenced to jail due to asking for using it. The aims of the ‘Palace of May’ for the festival are connecting and communicating between buildings, square and streets. It enables the festival would extends all over the city as well as in the Seoul Plaza. This structure is soaring towards sky. Simultaneously it creates a convergent point of the city and of the world. ‘Palace of May’ mix well tradition and high technology. It made the best use of natural sources. Wind, which rises alongside buildings, that contributes to the fluidity. Light, which enters from the white translucent fabric, is the natural element that provides a spectacular space to visitors.

Seoul, Republic of Korea
Seoul Metropolitan Government
Creative Director
John T. Yoder
Public, Sculpture, Installation, Art
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