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house ONE : Chronotope Wall House


house ONE : Chronotope Wall House

Time is locked in space, and space lost time.
However, neither time and space can exist without the other. So does human being as well.

We are going to build a living space using the most structural and architectural terminology, ‘wall’. Even though a wall traverses between spaces and constructs an isolated area, it can generate an experience and a situation that are altered by the Chronotope. Chronotope can be seen as a method to unite space and time through the fusion of various indices and the intersection of axes. We are eventually about to use a wall, which is being used architecturally, not as a structural element for severance and division but as an element for integration, continuity, coincidental space, and continuous time. This is that the severance of a family in modern society is recognized as the severance of a wall. We are going to reproduce a restorative spatial structure of human relationships that restore the severance of a family into an interactive family by altering a wall.

Communication of family relations
Wall house is recommended from the belief of the fact that the architecture itself can change human life. It is believed that the recovery of a space communication is one of the method to restore the understanding and the usage of a dwelling of a family itself. It is like providing a possibility of exchanging new potentials about the occupation of new places not as passive individuals but as active creators. It would be required to clarify the identities of elderly parents, grown-up couple, and two female children and to complete the structure which integrates the conservation and the communication of each other naturally along the traces of life.

Parallel arrangement of spaces penetrating walls
The spaces penetrating walls such as an eating area, a kitchen box space, box spaces for kids and elderly parents, and a master bedroom would be placed at different area. And the spaces like the first floor living room, the second floor study room, and the first floor half-outside garden which unite the spaces penetrating walls would be placed at the center, so, a living area that is separated and also united would be composed. By inserting spatial media and penetrating diagonal views, we tried to realize a visual communication and a spatial extension which generate connections between individual living spaces and communicative living spaces like a living room, a study room, and a garden.

Penetration of interior and exterior brick walls
Exterior red bricks are not only external decorative elements but also reference points for structural systems. It would be extended to inner spaces, and then it tries to build up no-separation area. It is like locating interior as well as exterior, and the purpose of this is eliminating the determinacy of the spaces and realizing the expandability without divisions. Brick walls that penetrate inner spaces try to realize the visual sensitivity internalizing sky landscapes via voids of windows composing of the roof garden.

Seongnam, Republic of Korea
Creative Director
John T. Yoder
House, Styling
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