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Jeongok Prehistory Museum


Interactive Topography_The Transformation of Topography

We propose creating a museum program and space by trans-morphing the earth. The outcome would represent the evolution of nature while the body acts as the change of time. The natural topography of Jeongok-ri is a major element of the site as well as its formal motif and programmatic constituency. Through topography, programs can be defined and prescribed for our past, present, and future in conjunction with mankind’s fluid and ever evolving cultural landscape. The topography will evolved into the outdoor exhibit by establishing an area for a prehistoric experience, open space, event hall, a basalt precipice exhibition, Observatory over the Hantan river, etc. Through the Time Corridor, the evolution of each space will form a network and become a framework for the entire museum. Reaching beyond the idea of the museum, which focuses on prehistory, we hope to enervate the museum, creating a living, dynamic body that reacts and breathes with the thriving diversity of mankind and changing demands.

Time Gate between the Crack of Topography_The site for the proposed gate is a gateway entering into the prehistoric excavation site. We propose a system in which visitors will walk through the cracks of the earth, thus providing a gateway for them to travel between the past and present. The gate symbolizes the experience and journey through time that leads to “The nature and man coming across, and for the encounter among prehistory, present, and future.” At the Time-gate, the approach to the excavation site is located in a crack within basalt layers, thereby acting as physical connection, as well as providing opportunities for the exhibit against its walls, conserving the existing topography while providing a symbolic gateway for the complexity of prehistoric experiences.

Interactive Program_Interactive Topography: Extuded Topography as a Compound Body
We propose creating an interactive topography and program in the compound’s body ? a system that randomly assembles urban fabrics, landscapes, paths, open spaces, built structure, and programs through which new cultural courage can be generated.

Time Corridor
The prehistoric recorder ‘Time Corridor’, which is the essential element for the ‘earth between its creation and distinction’, will be the fundamental medium. At the juncture leading to the prehistoric excavation site of the Jeongok-ri, the new cultural network will be established to represent the new opportunities for mankind, culture and nature. Its pathways will be considered apparatuses connecting the existing functions and the site’s context. The insertion of linear paths throughout the network will establish the linkage between the existing land and the new topographical code, thereby becoming the medium for the journey through time.

Stage Mapping Event Landscape for Exterior Exhibition
We propose for the museum reach beyond the typical exhibition experience by establishing trans-programmatic elements between the exhibition spaces such as outdoor event halls and stages. Not only will this deform the topography in the physical dimension, but the museum will also become a cultural stage through the cohesion with a diverse array of required codes. These codes the archaeological code, historical code, cultural code, artistic code, etc., conjoin with the spatial code in order to generate a new series of multi-dimensional spaces.

Yeoncheon, Republic of Korea
Creative Director
Yoongyoo Jang, Changhoon Shin
Exhibition, Culture, Event, Museum
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