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Seoul Louis Vuitton Maison


Seoul Louis Vuitton Maison

Dream Interface

The floating curtain is new interface and entering into the new world of Louis Vuitton. Raise the curtain and dream a new voyage.

An architecture as a new interface entering the world of Louis Vuitton is proposed. An architecture as flagship center which creates the relationship of communication between customers and Louis Vuitton is proposed. The new interface travels through the boundary of searching and entering the absolute desire and dreams, history and craftsmanship of Louis Vuitton.

This new interface is an architecture realizing relationship of master craftsman and clients, boundary of technique and art, and the boundary of commerce and art.  Creating bilateral Brand experience leads clients to engrave Louis Vuitton and it formulates interface attracting clients’ heart.

Floating Roof

The roof of Korean traditional architecture structuralized a soaring bird.

The soaring roof of Korean traditional architecture creates open space. It provides an interacting space which is integrated with diverse spatial freedom under the roof. New architecture of Louis Vuitton creates open space with bilateral interactive.

Floating Imagination

A floating curtain is inserted into the imagination box of Louis Vuitton. Lightly soaring box of Louis Vuitton is a myth and new history of the city.

An imagination box floating freely from the site is formed. Imagination box of Louis Vuitton forms the value like some flowers on the high mountain that can be seen from away but not easily procurable. The freedom from the site realizes even more mystique space of imagination. Bottom part of the box welcomes customers with architecturized curtains on a mast on the sailboat heading to the new world.

Cheongdam-dong, Seoul
Louis Vuitton
Creative Director
Jang, Yoon Gyoo, Shin, Chang Hoon
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