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Sejong Avenue is the center of history from Chosun, Korean Empire to the present Korea. Holding the Seoul Architecture Pre-Biennale at the place where the old annex to the National Tax Service building existed, where the Seohakdang-gil from the Chosun period and a new road from the Korean Empire meet is another opportunity for Korea’s modern architecture. The target site, located among the City Hall, Deoksugung Palace, and the Anglican Church of Korea, will be used as a park open to citizens in the future. The pavilion at the Seoul Architecture Pre-Biennale, which will be in temporary use, has the difficulties and limitations of establishing the exhibition space in a short time.

Mountain Roof-tecture
We propose that the space for the temporary building utilize the existing land as it is. By combining steel columns with regularly spaced roofs sections and a topographical roof form, the entire building becomes an open exhibition space. The universal exhibition space, made up of wooden pillars, is filled with media monitors, temporary walls, and display boxes. It contains a variety of numerous exhibitions and the concept of creating consecutive unity in one space. It is a single space, but it forms a three-dimensional exhibition area consisting of natural light falling through gaps and ceilings of different heights which are composed of a sloped roof with three separated layers. This urban roof suggests the shape of a mountain that is temporarily relocated in the city.

Recycling Exhibition Space
The general exhibition installation has created a wasteful situation. The installation of exhibition spaces for the Seoul Architecture Pre-Biennale includes not only one-time spaces which are dismantled and destroyed after the exhibition, but also the concept of recycling and rebuilding in a suitable place. This would create another area for the public by separating and reconstructing those three layered spaces.

Seoul, Republic of Korea
Creative Director
Jang Yoon Gyoo
Art, Exhibition, Pavilion
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