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Midong Electronics & Telecommunications Headquarter Office



A headquarter office is the place that understands the culture of the company and delivers comfort to workers; an architecture that embodies the corporate and realizes future value and dream. It should embody the essence of the corporate spirit that communicates with consumers and citizens.

1. Incorporating the corporate spirit of “Change and Innovation”
We aim to embody the corporate philosophy of Midong Electronics – to improve through continuous change and innovation. The building does not follow the form of existing architecture, rather embodies innovation.

2 Architecture of “Warmth and Brightness”
We pursue an architecture that carries happiness to workers rather than a heavy, authoritative building. We propose eco-friendly space and warm, bright interior.

3. Becoming a City Icon
A six-story building is difficult to become a landmark with its size.
Therefore we propose an iconic design through innovative strategies on the facade.
Media Facade is made of light and integrates digital art and technology. It represents the leading LED technology of Midong Electronics.

The unique elevation captures the corporate identity of change and innovation. It shows Midong’s leading position in the field. The pioneering corporate image is symbolized as ‘digital particles’ and vibrant, multi-dimensional elevation is continuously changing with the light. Pocket terraces on the façade combines jewel-like façade frames, nature, and company. It represents the communication and fusion of Midong Electronics & Telecommunications.

4. Core plan
Core is the most important part of an office plan. By modifying the existing core, we suggest a new lobby and hall with pleasant environment.

5. Office space
The 5th and 6th floors are divided into work- and public space.
Conference room and central staircase that connects 5th and 6th floors are the centerpiece of Midong’s creative space.

6. Rooftop garden
Rooftop garden is a newly offered space of the building. Here, employees can relax and enjoy various events, such as outdoor filming, BBQ, and recruit orientation.

Seoul, Republic of Korea
Midong Electronics & Telecommunications
Creative Director
Unsangdong Architects
Offices, Shop
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