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Ocean Us Haeundae Office


Structural Mesh : OCEANUS GROUP Haeundae Office

The scheme proposes an architecture that combines skin and structure. Through transparency, its exterior skin with varied profile patterns inspired by shapes in nature appears as a huge container embracing functions. A space framed with overlapping patterns of sea waves and wood branches controls landscapes of inside and outside. And this works as a bowl initiating integration and engagement of the surrounding nature and the office building’s cultural and functional programs stacked up along a slope. Considering the site’s 15m level difference between its front and rear sides, spaces are piled up in the order of a parking and storage, a gallery and another gallery. Above the parking space on the middle floor, two additional office floors are mounted to accommodate all required programs. Galleries with a relatively weak sense of openness are placed on the lower floors whereas offices are positioned on the upper floors to provide an appropriate architectural environment corresponding with a given function. In terms of basic layout, masses are strategically organized to give a different type of terrace to each floor.
To present a pleasant underground environment, sustainable and passive section design principles are employed. Two sunken spaces are introduced to achieve natural lighting and ventilation. The large one at the back of the site is designed to appear as an environment-friendly space that makes even the lowest floor to have natural lighting and ventilation as well as snow and rain. The other one at the center holding an elevator hall provides indirect light to all floors and generates natural ventilation on them by using natural convection.

Busan, Republic of Korea
Ocean Us
Creative Director
Jang Yoon Gyoo, Shin Chang Hoon
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