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Godeok Gangil Public Housing (1BL)

We thought deeply about a type of new urban housing. Naturally, we aimed for a space for the community that breaks away from the characteristics of complexes of standardization and isolation. Beyond a general strategy of a brand, we aimed for a residential type with an urban structure that reflects the characteristics of the place. Rather than proposals that lean towards the ideal too much that they are difficult to embody in reality, a new solution within the current conditions was aimed for.


In response to the surrounding situation, the given site was divided into five small blocks and a strategy that specializes the lower floors was chosen. The lower floors were developed into five low-rise and high-density residential types that fundamentally have four floors. Based on the composition of a spiral-type, hill-type, mat-type, lattice-type and wall-type, they were proposed as the core of the strategy of 1. converting the complex into a collective form of multi-unit dwelling blocks, 2. coordinating the landscape of the urban structure at a horizontal level, and 3. organizing the systems of the common facilities and open spaces on the third and fifth floors.


A 7:3 ratio of upper floors and lower floors was suggested. The upper floors maintained the attitude of seeking architectural alternatives while respecting the characteristics of the expectations for the apartments formed in the residential market. Therefore, the expansion of the balcony, respect for privacy, the distance between buildings for the view, and the difference between form and elevation, etc. were emphasized. The lower floors are 30% low-rise housings, and other than the role of blocks mentioned above, they were specialized with attics, terraces per household, a skip-floor type, rooftop type, etc. with a standard floor height of 4.2m and proposed as multi-unit housing types with added urban detached housing characteristics that can coexist with high-rise types.

Gangdong-gu, Seoul
Seoul Housing & Communities Corporation
Creative Director
Jang Yoon Gyoo , Shin Chang Hoon / Kim Young Joon
Commercial, House
Design / First Prize
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