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Neighborhood facility

Sopoonggil Community

Local Cultural Center

Borderless Community

Sopoonggil Community is part of an urban renewal program that was not developed by government or local administration. It was rather organized to do what local people wanted by improving the environment with the assets of the local. The steering committee for Sopoonggil Community has been set in operation since July of 2017 to reflect public opinion on what kind of programs there will be and how to operate them. ‘Sopoonggil Community’, which is more than a mere wheelchair ramp that extends all the way from the 1st floor to the roof top on the 3rd floor, creates community space with no boundary and invites interactive connection with users’ various choice. With the ramp with no boundary, various activities can take place with the needs of everyone who wishes to use it. To create a community place with no boundary, a traditional core that separates space with floors is transformed to have a much more subtle change of floor levels. This vertical circulation provides space for book shelves, rest area, seats for performances and so on. This is an important architectural device that
makes a mere functioning stairs to a continuous and extending community place with no boundary.
According to the building code, wheelchair ramp is not included in the building area and floor area. This building code became a motif for the design. In general, for certain parts of the building or entrances, wheelchair ramps and elevators or lifts have to be installed. Instead of a mere wheelchair ramp with its typical usage, ‘Sopoonggil Community’ can not only be wheelchair ramp, but also be space where everyone can use for galleries of the poet ‘Sangbyoeng Cheon’, galleries for local people, and extension space for performances and book cafes.

Seoul, Republic of Korea
Nohwon District Office
Creative Director
Yoongyoo Jang, Changhoon Shin
Community, Neighborhood facility
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