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Theater Contour(Namsadang)

Performance Arena

Creating places that enhance the human experience.

1. Topography Stage of Namsadang
A performance hall for Namsadang (a Korean folk band), inspired by the Korean land and traditional thatched houses, is proposed. Through the Namasadang performance hall, we will provide a true playground where Korean culture can be showcased and traditional plays can be shown. For Koreans, aesthetic is more natural than nature is aesthetic. Our elegant old buildings have a beauty that makes nature more attractive than nature itself. Architecture is both an object of nature and a background for nature. The topography of Korea symbolizes the mountains, land, beautiful lines, and Korean beauty. The Korean beauty is based on the process of finding codes that provide a mutual benefit in harmony with nature and humans.

2. The Six Performances of Namsadang
The six acts of Namsadang, composed of Pungmul-nori (performance), Eoreum (Chosun tightrope dancing), Salpan(tumbling), Deotboigi (a mask dance), Beona (a play showing various skills revolving around an instrument played with a sharp-ended stick), and Delomi (a traditional puppet show) were the first forms of popular art in Korea. Here, as a way to plan the Namsadang performance venue, we suggest a natural and Korean style that will accommodate the six varied and interactive performances. The performance hall is proposed to be open venue linked to the nature outside, not just an enclosed performance hall.

3. The Recording Plaza of Namsadang History & Audience Plaza
The roof of the Namsadang performance hall will be a landscaped rooftop and a memorial recording area for the history of the Namsadang. The record will continue to accumulate as time goes by. The field for audience participation will be an active event space for audiences and another area for volunteers who support anything necessary for constructing the Namsadang. Also, it will include a “Donor Name Record Event,” and a “Landscape Space Construction Event.”

Anseong, Republic of Korea
Creative Director
Yoongyoo Jang, Changhoon Shin
Performance, Culture, Concert hall
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