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Odong Park Library

Tornado Street

Odong Park Library

Tornado Street

Odong Park is an interesting area of the city with a huge promenade. The park’s promenade, consisting of a series of decks along the slopes, accommodates various programs and provides leisure and relaxation for citizens. The Odong Park Library is located at the same spot as the starting point of the promenade and the space can be considered as an extension of the park path. The basic unit that makes up the space begins with the structure of the furniture, which is the bookshelf wall. As an extension of the outer road that connects the promenade in three dimensions, the shape of the circular road is intended to be constructed as a spatial universal concept. The deck that gradually rotates toward the center space as an extension of the road was transformed into a roof structure to form an open area at the bottom of the deck. The tornado-type roof has the shape of a mountain that rises to the main space in the middle. The folded roofs have different heights, so you have the experience of natural light pouring into the place. Inside, it acts as an area of transparency and provides an experience of a semi-external space. The bookshelf wall is both a structure that composes a space and a device that divides and distributes the spaces.


If the walls in the past were classical and had limitations that prevented spatial communication through structural limitations, the bookshelf walls proposed by us constitute a fluid space that communicates with each other and integrates spaces, and recreates a dual maze structure that is appropriately independent. The arrangement and size of the bookshelf wall allows the program arrangement and structure to be integrated. In other words, it realizes harmony between furniture, space, and structure. Although it is a small library of less than about 3500 sqft, the local residents of various classes who come here experience their purpose and nomadism at the same time in the fluid space. The small area overcomes the small size through an integrated and cyclical space which develops into a space of multivariate values​​. The linear window frame between the triangular supports that make up the roof and the various overlapping and juxtapositions of the bookshelf frame can be a niche device that pull in the light of the surrounding landscape and nature. The labyrinth space of multiple codes is a place that stimulates the imagination, creativity, and enjoyment of local residents and children.

Hwarang-ro 13ga-gil, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Creative Director
YoonGyoo Jang, Changhoon Shin
Public library, restaurant
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