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``Water Circle``


CheongShim Purification Center

Silence & Movement
Most of all, we focused on a robust, simple and tranquil architecture intuitively as we take up the form and space. Another point we considered is a vigorous architecture which evoke water vitality in still emotion. The circular form symbolises pure crystal of living organisms. Circular plan which is 32 metres in diameter, 11 metres in height soars from the ground. Firm, still and refined curve wall opens with gradual, arbitrary and rhythmic rules. We expect another tone colour through the open and solid curved wall. Musical facade is achieved through this project it plays in andante, moderato and allegro. It conveys silence and movement simultaneously.

Flux space
We imagine the space where corresponds the quality of water. Biological form is occurred to our mind rather than fixed form of crystallization. The flux of water and changing biological image has always been interesting architectural either subject and material. The concrete outer wall stacked on entrance freely metaphorically indicate to a wave, and it provide to experience the between space of outer and inner space. This space holds the curiosity of the space stepping into the water when we arrive in the shore. The space beneath water bears fluidity that is slowly sucked in the space of condensed crystallization at the moment.
The lobby space is not fixed and formed already. We imagine the space with given change and freedom. Lobby, promotion room and education room on 1st floor do not have a certain boundary and are always opened to possible change. The stairs toward 2nd floor is not only a link as physical demand, but the road for exhibition and experience, where links and circulates all changing spaces. The upper floor has an organic space that is centrically opened to courtyard, and it is piled up to outer space. We wish all spaces to be generated by circulating inside and outside of them.

Topography roof
The roof corresponds to an artificial nature. It reminds circulation of the land and topography of this region. A number of people activity could take place on top of the building namely lecture, performance, concert and so on since the space is divided into different levels. Topographical loop is reinterpreted the mountain, hill, river in nature.

Atrium Compound
A city compound infused with many aspects of nature and man made environment is constructed in a singular space of wave. The architecture houses a host of programmes such as exhibition gallery for Hyundai Motor Company and heavy industrial, Square, Forest, Lounge and so on. All the programmes are not combined in two dimensional way.

Gapyeong, Republic of Korea
Creative Director
Jang Yoon Gyoo
Purification Center
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