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Neighborhood facility

Yaksari, Bridge - Scape

Neighborhood facility

Yaksari, Bridge - Scape

In the name of urban development, cities are often indiscriminately created by the need for new infrastructure such as roads. In the Yaksari neighborhood in Chuncheon, during the process of rearranging the road to allow development of an apartment complex, the entire village was divided in two. The whole village was composed of a hilly area, and a road passing through the peak of the hilly area was created resulting in a break in the shape of a valley.

In order to heal the wounds and disconnections caused by the urban development, we propose a three-dimensional aerial garden that connects the disconnected villages. It is a place where you can enjoy a variety of breaks and events that cannot be experienced at a general city level. A park created through the city at the aerial level becomes a space for various landscapes, providing a link between playing, movement, walking, thinking, culture, and information. A three-dimensional park goes beyond just a landscape and combines with various social and cultural programs to form a public space necessary for a city. The aerial garden, as the role of a bridge, is an extension of the pedestrian space of the existing alleyway and can be an extension of the small plazas that used to serve as village communities. In particular, the pedestrian space connects separate villages of different heights by various three-dimensional configurations such as a barrier-free concept ramp and a staircase. The height of the road is expanded through the addition of a ramp for the disabled, and it is possible to encounter accidental spaces. As the lamp layers were divided, a community area was formed in the lower part of the park, and a three-dimensional public space connected to the town square was proposed. The pedestrian space will be born as the center of the village community and will create new memories and episodes for the local residents beyond the space that is physically connected. This bridge park is not just a landscape expanse, but functions as a community center that presents programs necessary for the town through the use of three-dimensional plates. It functions as a social platform for the village by combining a multi-purpose space, a multi-use room, a book area, and a rail exhibition space.

In progress
68-84, Yaksa-dong, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do, Republic of Korea
Creative Director
Yoongyu Jang, Changhoon Shin
Neighborhood facility
Design in Progress
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